A #freestylepoem @bykaileyann


: Every year was the grade I was in
until it wasn’t anymore;

it was easy for me to know
we’re special
because writing the date on my papers
turned my mind to what 
my daily achievements meant;

K-12 public school
’99 to ’12
‘The Last Class’
we called ourselves
how many of us?
and joked about counting 
down to the End of the World
and then we did Once
stop class –
I was in Prob & Stats –
and we seniors watched seconds go 
wholly tuned-in to the ticking
‘End of the World’
as we knew it Then;

And laughed
when the Bell rang ~


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Remembering Bur Oak

There where the tree used to be –
A branch’ed overhang on Nineveh Street
Where the road stayed dry in light rain
Colorful arrays dawned and might dissipate
Just when I ventured on through
Grew under and ’round the power-line
Courteous and kind to all passerby
Long as we let it stand
– is a patch of brown grass.


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