Poem: 400 N going West

I feel it in the rain

whatever’s coming

checked the creek go’n over the bridge

had a hunch it was flooding

and it yep the stream was lapping the banks

my guess forty-seconds to two-minutes without a rain break

and there’ll be water touching the edges of the dip in the road

if it keeps up I’ll have to take Greensburg home.




Another poem about Indiana (sort of). Exploring the theme of “coming home” for #MilytheMillennial

I don’t mind finding reasons to talk about home,

in fact it’s how I pay mind to the things that matter most

for me
at least;

being born someplace battles with being from somewhere –

I learned a little later that I was a boilerplate hoosier
of the most Leslie Knope sense of belonging somewhere.


“Ramblings from the Crossroads of America”

A poem about my home state, Indiana.

Oh, I love Indiana sunsets
Highlighter pink cloudy streaks
The horizon’s green if you stare right at it – 
The gleam of Venus – Mars? – one or two stars –
Piecemeal puddles shining out in the cropped cornrows – 
Or were they beans this season?
I wasn’t there to see a sunset last September,
But I’ve seen five-thousand pieces of the sky
Reflected in the fields of my family’s old farmland –
What I’d give for just a sit, I admit…
On my old porch past Greensburg Road,
Muggy breath that smells of sunbaked grass 
And dirt
Flat plains – Wide Open!
Earth and sky – to see the Harvest Moon rise!
Thoughts of Indiana sunsets make homesick Hoosiers glow.

by Kailey Ann