Searching for Mean ~

#experimental #poetry #freeverse #streamofconsciousness

Searching for Mean ~

How hard is it to turn a (-) into a (+)?

1.) A positive times a positive is Positive.

2.) A negative times a negative is Positive.

3.) A positive times a negative is Negative; 

4.) the Reverse is true also.

The Vertex is Zero:

(-)(+) | (+)(+)

– – – -0- – – – – 

(-)(-) |  (-)(+)

(I) is a Variable.

(I) has a Value of X.

(I) is Imaginary.

(I) is Real.

(I) is an Integer

of X.

X is Wide.

Y is High.

Dimension is the In-Between.

Somewhere in what’s matter is Me.

Where are the Crossroads,

And what’s the view northeast of There?

* * * * *

@ b y k a i l e y a n n

#experimental #poetry #freeverse #streamofconsciousness


The Rain Bull

A poem inspired by a true story as told by Dog

My dad Dog used to tell me ‘The Rain Bull Story’
So called for one who in his day outstood,
“No way to move a bull that dudn’t want to go,”
Dog’d go on and say so I’d see it plain:
A bull-headed sun-of-a-gone
Good stubborn spirit hooves-planted in the mud
While the clouds climbed closer over pasture,
“Standoff’s what e’s after,
Make or break because you cain’t outwait
A bull who dudn’t want to move.”
Whence the name, ole bull stayed
All my life later and still I can picture those
Obstinate cow knees, crystal torrents for horns
Dripping tail swishing surety and sense
Steady, center-placed inside the fence
Might as well and kind as thunder
Stern-gazed, chin raised, just watching
Drop by drop till the Rain Bull
Was good’n ready to be on his own way.