Women see each other

Once we realize we’ve been taught to judge ourselves against one other


We just stop

Women watch and wait for the signals we send

With our eyes and stances,

Phrasing and pitch and pointed glances

Women intercede

When we glean that things

Are out of step, we step in, up, and forward –

Wardens of our personage

Aren’t you beautiful, love

Who checks to see if I am good before walking on –

Call this something like a song

For womanhood



Know Better

Think you know better

Than me

Who honors my body daily?

Who wears this skin

Who knows what my smile means?

Think you know better

Than me

Who can name every scar

Who wakes and sleeps in this

What is mine, by right of birth

Think you can say what’s best

For my being

Sure you know better

Than me, who carries on

Even after a storm

Even feather-worn

Think you know better, really?

Well think again.


Searching for Mean ~

#experimental #poetry #freeverse #streamofconsciousness

Searching for Mean ~

How hard is it to turn a (-) into a (+)?

1.) A positive times a positive is Positive.

2.) A negative times a negative is Positive.

3.) A positive times a negative is Negative; 

4.) the Reverse is true also.

The Vertex is Zero:

(-)(+) | (+)(+)

– – – -0- – – – – 

(-)(-) |  (-)(+)

(I) is a Variable.

(I) has a Value of X.

(I) is Imaginary.

(I) is Real.

(I) is an Integer

of X.

X is Wide.

Y is High.

Dimension is the In-Between.

Somewhere in what’s matter is Me.

Where are the Crossroads,

And what’s the view northeast of There?

* * * * *

@ b y k a i l e y a n n

#experimental #poetry #freeverse #streamofconsciousness

The Rain Bull

A poem inspired by a true story as told by Dog

My dad Dog used to tell me ‘The Rain Bull Story’
So called for one who in his day outstood,
“No way to move a bull that dudn’t want to go,”
Dog’d go on and say so I’d see it plain:
A bull-headed sun-of-a-gone
Good stubborn spirit hooves-planted in the mud
While the clouds climbed closer over pasture,
“Standoff’s what e’s after,
Make or break because you cain’t outwait
A bull who dudn’t want to move.”
Whence the name, ole bull stayed
All my life later and still I can picture those
Obstinate cow knees, crystal torrents for horns
Dripping tail swishing surety and sense
Steady, center-placed inside the fence
Might as well and kind as thunder
Stern-gazed, chin raised, just watching
Drop by drop till the Rain Bull
Was good’n ready to be on his own way.