“(Ex)Press(ion)” a #poem inspired by my NIV reading and other things

Go(o)d Wor(l)d:

There is the Well


(Be)For Caint-and-Able

Cursed (l)and (a)bound –

Go (Th)ere and have (Y)Our (re)fill



“The Parable of the Hidden Treasure”

A poem inspired by scripture – See Matthew 13:44 NIV

Composed @bykaileyann on 1964 SUPER STERLING SMITH-CORONA electric typewriter.

My whole life I pined for knowledge

of the land I come from and the story I’m promised

Your time has been kind though I’ve wandered

to the ends of her rivers and back and all over

Behind all my reason encamped these certain ponderings

virtuous as her nightlight in cornrows of standing water

My love of her firs knows

where my treasure is:

My whole heart is rooted in Diana.


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A poem working through some of my protagonist’s feelings right now (and my own). #amwritingfiction #MilytheMillennial #HederaReads

I say of the holy people who are in the land,
    They are the noble ones in whom is all my delight.

Psalm 16:3 NIV

I mourn,
unfocused stares
into beige shag carpet
and the double-strip hash-stitch
of my rusted red armchair.

I miss,
unfettered grins
unto unfeigned exchanges
beloved rehashings of rare chances
and near-misses.

I mind,
unspoken wishes resound, Lord
awakening my inner eye with hope
refreshing me in the mourning time
before I’m home.